After many years of abusing my body, I felt overweight, I lacked energy , was always tired and my clothes didn't fit.
For a birthday present, Cathy my wife got me a couple of trial sessions with Leanne. I was never one to exercise, I didn't know Leanne or how she worked and to be honest the thought of going to a personal trainer was rather daunting!
The Monday morning arrived, I found some old holiday shorts and off I went. I met Leanne and straight away I was impressed by her lovely Gym and the way she made me feel at ease.
I can honestly say I didn't really enjoy the first couple of sessions, but I knew if I wanted to feel right and enjoy life I would have to persevere, which I did.
After the first few weeks, I started to  see results.
It's been about 9 months now and I really look forward to our weekly session, they have actually become enjoyable.  I have lost nearly two stone, I have so much energy and feel great. The only problem is that once again most of my clothes don't fit - they're too big!!
What do I put this success down to?  Well obviously I'm the one who has put all the hard work in, but I couldn't have done it without Leanne, she is a great motivator and the workouts get more challenging which makes it fun. The fact you haven't  got all these "body builders" around you because you are in the privacy of her own Gym  is something that I really like.
Stephen Clipp

Before I started working out with Leanne I had managed to loose weight watching what I was eating however I wanted to tone and loose inches. When we started we planned mini goals along with the biggest goal - to fit into my wedding dress that I had bought 2 sizes too small. Leanne really helped push me to reach each goal, and going each week became a real sense of enjoyment as we would have a giggle! As the months past, my body shape changed and the best thing I noticed was that I actually gained fitness. The week of my wedding I reached my original goal, on the day of my wedding I felt amazing and actually loved how I felt. When I was on honeymoon, I had a dress that I had aimed to get into and that night I felt so happy and content with myself. It had been a long time since I was that happy with my body!

Without Leanne, I would have never got to the stage in my life that I was actually happy with my shape and size of my body.

I came to live in Jersey seven years ago. We moved here permanently for my husband's job. We previously lived in Knutsford in Cheshire where I had my own business and a fabulous fitness club 15 minutes away in the form of LA Fitness. I went to LAF twice a day where I did Body Pump, Step, Aerobics, Yoga and Spinning, usually attending about 15 classes a week taken by professional and up-to-date instructors and I made a lot of friends there. When we decided to move to Jersey the first thing I did was check out the gyms and I joined Carrefour.   I stopped going there and started running but found it very difficult to settle in to Jersey and to feel motivated. A while later Fitness First opened and I tried that and I did enjoy Muscle Pump with Michelle. Again I didn't feel motivated and I gradually stopped going and gradually gained weight and started to live life without exercise until April of this year when I began to feel really fed-up and desperate about my body. I decided I needed a new approach and looked up Personal Trainers in the telephone directory. There is only one listed and thankfully it was the right one!

I attended Leane's gym the following week for a fitness assessment and I have not looked back. When I went to that first session I felt so dreadful about myself, the way I looked, my clothes didn't fit, embarrassed to go to social events and generally rock bottom.  

I was weighed and measured (the true horror of the situation was noted down on paper) fitness tested and given a food diary and we discussed diet and nutrition and I left feeling positive with lots of information to read, food for thought really. 

The following week we began in earnest! Cardio, weights, stretching, toning, laughing, a lovely clean gym, good music and lots of chat - and no one watching - very important that! I have come to love exercise again. I now do my cardio at home on a treadmill every day without fail, I walk the dogs twice a day not once and I have two sessions a week with Leanne. A session is an action packed hour where we hammer weights and laugh lots. 

Oh gosh, did I mention the boxing?!! Boxing is for men not women - not so! The pink boxing gloves are hilarious and hitting something as hard as you can (with the correct technique of course) is amazingly satisfying and a really tough workout too. 

To date I am a pound short of losing a stone. My body has become firm and I feel fit and strong and best of all I feel happy and confident in my skin. My clothes all fit really nicely again and for once I am looking forward to this winter and wearing all the really nice things I have that haven't left the house for years - probably not in fashion now it has been so long! I would like to lose another 5-7 lbs and I can do this. 

All of this is down to Leanne. She hasn't just created a great environment for fitness and privacy in her lovely gym, she gives me a really good work out every time I go that is constantly changing and presenting new challenges and she gives you some of herself. Herself consists of a positive, bubbly, effervescent and lovely lady who makes you believe you can accomplish your goal and how right she is. 

I really like exercise again, I feel happy, healthy and energetic, Leanne - thank you! xx


Lisa July 08 - July 09 "I had always struggled to get my weight down and for as long as I could remember, had been overweight. With 4 months to go until my wedding, I started seeing Leanne last June. I had about 2 stone to lose to get to what we agreed would be a healthy weight, and I desperately wanted to tone my upper body so that I'd feel happy and confident in my strapless wedding gown. After an initial fitness assessment, I visited Leanne once a week for a 1½ hour session. Leanne was so motivating and I was amazed at how quickly she managed to get my fitness and strength up. Each session consisted of some cardiovascular exercise and some strength training and before long I was joining Leanne for early Saturday morning runs. I never thought I'd enjoy regular exercise but the more I did, the more I felt I was able to and wanted to do. Leanne is so knowledgeable and she'd always explain what certain exercises were doing and which muscles were being used. I could see my weight coming down each week when I stood on the scales and it soon became noticeable in my clothes. Reaching my goal weight was the most amazing feeling and Leanne was so pleased for me that she actually cried! With a few weeks still to go until my wedding, we lowered my final goal by a further half stone and Leanne worked hard to make sure that I reached it, which I did! I can honestly say that I have never felt better about myself than I did on my wedding day - my arms were nicely toned, my size 10 wedding dress fit me perfectly and I just felt great! On return from my honeymoon I continued to see Leanne once a week. I found that a weekly session helped to keep me on track and keep up my fitness. After a year of Leanne's guidance and encouragement I have just entered myself in my first half-marathon which I have no doubt I'll manage without a problem. I'd like to thank Leanne for all her support, her professional attitude and for everything that she did to help me achieve my goal weight and to get me to enjoy and appreciate exercise."