1. Do I need a fitness assessment?

I would recommend a fitness assessment for any new clients, this is a great opportunity for us to meet and discuss your own specific needs The assessment itself tests Cardio Vascular fitness (Heart and Lungs) Strength, Stamina , Endurance and Flexibility, the results are a useful tool for the future and are used as a comparative. From the findings and individual needs I can design a fitness program tailored specifically for you.


  1. How often do I need to see you?

This depends on your own needs and what you can manage outside the gym, everyone gets homework to do, coming to me once a week and not doing anything outside the gym isn't going to do much, however if you come to me once a week and take on board the advice I give you, big results will be seen. I have clients who come regularly and those who have reached their target and it is a matter of meeting to change training programs and check all is going to plan.


  1. When will I notice a difference?

That all depends on the individual , you can notice cardio vascular fitness after two weeks and for strength  fitness after eight weeks but everyone's  body is different and the results depend on your commitment to the training program . Results will be seen provided all measures have been adhered to regarding to diet and exercise .


  1. What if I can't make a session?

Provided I have been given at least 48 hours notice a new appointment can be scheduled to  a later date, otherwise the session will be lost, this helps to keep you motivated , you will lose money if you decide on the day that you don't want to make the session. When you book your sessions we do it together and this is your opportunity to plan your diary. Money is also a great motivator , when we meet I will make sure that I will commit to you but it has to work both ways for any results to be seen.


  1. What if I hate certain exercises?

When we meet I  will ask lots of questions about you, your likes and dislikes .If there is an activity that you really don't like that is fine , we can avoid it and find alternatives, there is no point making someone do what they don't like as it makes them loose motivation . Its all about making exercise fun, challenging and exciting.


  1. I have not been to a gym in years and feel very self conscious!

Please do not worry, first, no one will see you ! second,  I am very approachable and not a spring chicken having weathered many storms  through life, Third ,I have worked with all sorts and I am yet to meet two people the same . Forth , I love changing people's lives and that is what happens when you commit to my program . it makes me love the job that I do , I get to know people very well, and to see confidence growing in people is astounding !