1. Go Shopping, get all your ingredients.

2. Plan a timetable of what you will be having at meal times and when to exercise.

3. Clear the house of rubbish food put all the kids? stuff somewhere you don?t come across often.

4. Start on a Monday and prepare what you can ahead, Juice will last two days, make up soup and meatballs and freeze.

5. Have scales handy and weigh out breakfast a few times till you know seizes, use a smaller bowl and the same with your dinner plate, use a dessert plate, portion seizes need to be cut down , weigh your plate of dinner and record meal, do you feel really bloated after a meal that weighs a bit more?

6. Avoid alcohol for the duration if you can, it?s only a few weeks and don?t let it control you and what you achieve, a few drinks on a Friday makes a messy weekend and wipes out the good work in the week so you are on a constant merry go round, you want to do this so be smart and get on with it !

7. If you are feeling hungry snack on apples, and melon. If you have time to make up a juice fill up with a glass.