I am not going to waffle on too much but the truth is if you really want to lose weight you will know by now that it isn't as easy as we get older and having the odd treat here and there lands on your arse in no time!

But you CAN do it and my plan will work but you have to be serious and knuckle down, no blowing it at the weekends. This program is for Seven weeks which will take us nicely into the Summer which is coming! You WILL lose weight and tone up ,and you WILL feel FANTASTIC . So you are in the zone if you are reading this so get ready.

The Key to anything is preparation. Take two days to get the food in and plan where you are going to exercise. There is NO excuse for not getting time to do the exercise, I have made a program of ten minutes that you can do as many times in day, ideally twice once the morning and in the evening, along with any extra cardiovascular you can do .

Don't even try to explain to me how busy your life is , try and be me, I work 40hrs a week , I have no cleaner, I do all the housework, cooking , ironing, shopping, mowing , washing car etc. and I run 70 miles a week. Enough said. I will be organising a 10k and a 5k race for us at the end of the 7 weeks, I will help you get to your goals and we will set realistic targets . I will give you all a diary for logging exercise, I want you to write down time spent and what activity.

The food program is great with lots of choices; you can follow it completely or go with any of the choices for a meal. The juice can be made first thing in the morning; you can just have that for breakfast if you are not a breakfast person. Always have some in the fridge for topping up. PLANPLAN, the shopping list is big but you do not have to get all the ingredients, look at the meal choices and decide what you want to go with, a lot of the main bases go with a couple of recipes so think about it.

The main carbs will be good pastas wholemeal and spelt, red camargue and wild rice, red and white quinoa, these can be all sourced at Waitrose so no extra trips here and there.

Buy a bit at a time to save costs, try one base one week and something else the next, we want to be eating no more than 100g so a bag will go a long way. Any questions email or call me , and all the best , I am also on the program so I know exactly what you will be feeling.